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Plume's Travel Guide...

PLUME TRAVELS, the luxury of light travel, your travel guide.

A new travel guide, PLUME TRAVELS offers weekend destinations, travel ideas and getaways all over the world, and aims to provide you with travel styles where the world of luxury rubs shoulders with creation from the four corners of the globe.
Our journalists will take you on a voyage of discovery of savoir-faire, discreet luxury, art, gastronomy, design, fashion, hotels, creators, cinema, music, photography and culture, with a common thread: the voyage of emotions.

PLUME TRAVELS offers a light-hearted journey through reports, a photo gallery, practical pages and interviews with travelers.
In Paris, in France and around the world, our journalists go out to meet beautiful personalities, to discover or rediscover places and beautiful gestures resulting from French and international know-how.
The pleasure of tasting, the surprise of watching, of observing, of learning and the joie de vivre continue to guide all our travels. And Plume always travels…

Travelling objects from CAPSULE DE PLUME...

The CAPSULE DE PLUME Travel Concept Store offers Plume Voyage-style creations for sale, including Parfum de Valise ®, the “Love Check Book” postcard book, “Ailleurs Autrement” travel pouches, “M’as tu vue” suitcase belts and a selection of travel items to complete our new E-Shop.

Curiosity that takes us beyond frontiers, the desire for a different kind of journey, imaginary, interior, poetic or artistic, PLUME VOYAGE Webzine, the luxury of a light, still journey. The webzine is also a travel guide, written by our journalists. Follow their reports, their discoveries, their encounters, their favorites! They’ll show you the way! Enjoy your trip!