About us

Plume Voyage, a webzine and travel guide

PLUME VOYAGE, the luxury of a light, motionless journey.
Like an imaginary journey, a first step towards all possible journeys.

A webzine that becomes a travel guide

PLUME VOYAGE is a webzine imagined as a paper magazine. Today, it’s becoming a travel guide, written by our journalists as they travel to new destinations and meet new people. The webzine was officially launched in May 2011.
Its sections have evolved and are now called :

Rencontres (a story of encounters), Grands Voyages (a story of travel), Week Ends (a place, a discovery), Interview de Voyageurs (a traveler’s tips), Savoir Faire (a trip to a designer’s home, focus on a creation, a house), Actualités (news on travel players), Objets voyageurs offers a selection of travel objects. Au cours du chemin is a gallery of photos taken along the way. Les News Parisiennes, l’Exception Française,

Travel light

The webzine was created by Capucine Gougenheim Geagea aka CAPUCINE PLUME. Former editor, journalist, regular freelancer for Elle magazine (for eight years), Paris-Match, (for seven years), freelancer and correspondent for a Lebanese magazine. PLUME VOYAGE lets you travel without leaving home. It offers articles and news on all styles of travel, the worlds of luxury and creation: savoir faire, discreet luxury, art, gastronomy, design, fashion, hotels, creators, cinema, music, photography and culture, with a common thread of emotional travel. Written by journalists, the webzine shares its idea of light travel through reports, a photo gallery and shopping pages.

An immobile journey

Travel is the thread through which we talk about beauty, balance, encounters, the world of PLUME VOYAGE and its view of others. A motif for discovering materials, technical developments, classics, genre blends and ideas. In Paris, in France and around the world, our journalists go out to meet beautiful personalities, to discover or rediscover places and beautiful gestures resulting from French and international know-how. The pleasure of tasting, the surprise of looking, of observing, of learning and the joy of living continue to guide all our travels.

“A man who knows neither how to travel nor how to keep a diary has composed this travel journal.” Preface by Henri Michaux in his book Ecuador.